Larry Cothran

Influencer in Cartersville, GA

Larry Cothran

Influencer in Cartersville, GA

Larry Cothran has been in the trucking industry since 2007. He took his skills and expertise and started consulting. He has been helping people to become successful owner-operators for years. He offers mentorship and coaching through

Larry is also a Brand Ambassador and Social Media Marketing Expert working with some of the top companies in the trucking industry such as



•Trucker Path

•Blue Tiger

•Trucker Tools

•Crosson Logistics

•RTS Financial

•ATL Tax Solutions

  • Work
    • Trucking Entreprenuer
Thanks for helping me navigate and understand how to use social media to move my business foward. You’ve helped me get my art in front of people from all over the world! I wish you many blessings!
If you don’t know Larry… You are sleeping! The wisdom this guy has in the field of social media marketing is unbelievable… He is a next generation mind! ‪#‎theREALdeal‬
Having worked with Larry and utilized his services, I can say first hand that he is professional, knowledgeable, and diligent in any task he takes on. His insight into social network marketing and promotional excellence has been vital for us.
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